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3. Tunes and Tasty Treats on the Terrace

3. Tunes and Tasty Treats on the Terrace


Tunes and tasty treats Date:

:  at  £20.00  each

We had so much fun doing this last year we are bringing it back.  This year we have 3 dates so hopefully you will manage one or more.  There is only 100 tickets per event so make sure you get yours.  These are like mini festivals going on from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday afternoon, with a variety of acts performing.  This is included in the price of £20 adults and £12 for children with a fantastic buffet supplied.

The Event will take place in the garden of the Carron to Mumbai, unless it is raining when we will move it inside

Tickets from Ma Simpson's, Carron to Mumbai or online here

Collect tickets at the venue on the day